New Website!

As a previous member of this society and a fellow enthusiast for web development projects, I though the website needed a makeover. You see, while pandemic pushes people to go digital, some traditional mediums like performance are revolutionizing themselves as well, and with that, there is no reason that our society would lag behind.

As a club always trying to close things up with 0 budget, the previous website was also done by me. And it was my first web-development project, so it was very buggy. Since this was an opportunity to make a big project, a passionfruit of my relationship with the society and a re-opened opportunity for keeping the archives of the famous Drama club; this was a project that should not be missed! But what were the needs of the club?

They needed a website that they could as an archive for beautiful photos and their links, the play history and the history of achievements and awards while also getting comments, branding themselves and making people know the experienced members of the club. They wanted to be available to the web. Throughout the club history, many attempts have been made on this subject but the maintenance of these facebook or instagram pages have not been done carefully, forgotten at one point, or stopped to be cared. With this, we plan to have a rigid website where everyone can find what he/she wants or want to learn about Tevitol Drama.

For this purposes, I wanted to provide a free website to the club since it was the club with the most awards and prestigious recognitions. I started to prepare it for the directors of the club as a new year's gift, since they were my close friends in the first prototype of the project. Now, I am revisiting the website and doing a complete makeover. Eventually, now, I showed them the prototype for the website, got their feedbacks and a huge "THANK YOU!".

Now I just want to say, "You are welcome.". I hope you like this website that I hard-coded, and spent my time on. I hope you can find what you need in this website. If you spot any problems please tell me. Even though I ran hundreds and hundreds of bug-checks and clicked everything, somethings can just appear on somewhere in the world of web-development.

Sincerely and with all my love, I present you the Drama Club Website

Enes Akyuz