May 1 - The Working Holiday

As most of the people in Turkey know, May 1 is the "Worker's Day" and it is a day-off in the whole country. However, as we, Drama Slaves -ehem, workers-, unwillingly boycotted this holiday by working for our background as the whole club. This work ethic is one of the many examples, and is a common source of fear in prospective members. Well, once you are a member, you are a worker and you cannot escape the flow. You can see what we did in one day in the picture above. It is the actual background for the play, painted by us!

But the main opinion on this kind of strict study-discipline is that "It is needed.", because everyone knows that without everyone sacrificing a lot of free time into the society, it is almost impossible to come up with a masterpiece play when the school and the other parts of the life bothers one even more. However, this approach can also push us to complain or not do work in other areas of our lives. The important thing is the "balance". As long as you are doing your work, here and there, everything usually ends fine. Your awards are the feelings and recognition when you show your long-awaited product to the others.

This event was also one example of that. We needed to prepare a background for the play and we worked through the whole holiday. We even told people that we will give free tickets to whoever volunteers to help. So, it was a fun day even though we have worked and in the end, we finished it with a smile on our faces. Now I hope you know how hard we work to prepare our plays. We put so much effort into those!