How to Manage an Army of Actors

You see, if you are an experienced drama-guy; you became a manager, a prop designer, a politician, a financer, an actor, and a teacher at the same time. But how do you decide who becomes the director of this huge community? Well, experience-based hierarchy solved many things until today. However, the thing is, one always needs to value others' ideas and try to make everyone happy in a very hard-to-cope-with community.

But is it always possible or is it always true to apply everyone's ideas? Well, it is usually a matter of thinking. In a community like this, you have to value the minds of your actors, your designers, your artists and your audiences. To serve best to them, you need to listen to them. However, there are also times that come in which one needs to say "Stop!" to an idea to prevent a possibly bad outcome and save the day with his/her authority.

However, one should be sure when making that kind of decision. Because they will only be trusted when the others see the certain success in the prevention of that idea. If you have a team that trusts you and also can be trusted by you, theater becomes a group work in which everyone involves. By doing that, one does not always require the need to be present as a "director" or a figure of authority. Even though, these concepts are sometimes needed and making everyone happy at the same time is impossible, it is important to move as a community in which nobody is scarred throughout their Drama-Journey.