Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Even though these old directors are now graduated, they still support us as our counselors, friends and fans. They even participate in our places to take awards if we are not able to go to the ceremonies due to our schoolwork! Other than those qualities, these legends are the pillars of our success, education and style.

Since we never had a proper teacher, Tevitol Drama was always a whole self-learning process in which the most experienced member became the director and taught others what he/she had learned through all these years of acting, bookworming and directing. So, it is not wrong to say that we learnt theater from these old legends. They are also very supportive, they still come to our plays in their busy schedule, showing that we are a strong community.

Not only limited to those, they even come and comment after watching our rehearsals, which causes us to solve problems even before the play is put onto the stage. So, I just want to say that theater is more than what is on the stage and I want to give a huge thanks to our heroes, old-legends for still supporting and still helping us out.