The Creation Process

Our plays never resembles the original writing. Some may wonder, why and how? To put it briefly, styling or "remaking" a play to actually put it onto stage is not an easy process. One basically takes an approximately 60-80 pages long writing and just re-writes it for the crew's own good. It is fun though, for all the members of the club to be able to edit a play and put whatever they want into it.

But how do we do it? The process is a little bit complex. First, we choose a play and as we are mostly playing epique, grotesque or Shakespearean plays with some extra options. Choosing a play for the whole club is not an easy task though. In the end, the most suitable option is chosen and you can never be sure. After choosing the play, we change the whole play in terms of props, dialogues and characters. Thus, making it suitable for us to act. However, the writing process is generally a huge burden, because in the end, one person needs to write a whole edited play which makes up to 80 pages of writing.

However, the fun part about this editing process is our own jokes and references. We put those into our plays each year and try to connect with our more-likely-to-be-sincere familiar audience which includes our close friends, alongside our schoolbody. However, we also mention the current events and joke about them in the plays and we try to be as flexible as possible with these jokes and references.

In the end, every play is ours only in the whole world and this makes them special to us.