Should You Join?

A commonly seen question in the school community about Tevitol Drama is: "I cannot act! What am I going to do in Drama, then?". You see, theatre is not just about acting, you can always take advantage of this community as a stage technician, prop designer, make-up artist, or a sound engineer and many more.

You should know that we prepare everything by ourselves and that creates a need for a lot of manpower in many areas. For lighting, we need an IT-guy. For music, we need musicians and also a sound technician. For props, we need some muscular guys to carry them, artistic guys to design them and crafty guys to make them. We also need a make-up artist for getting the best looks on the stage. So, theater requires a wide range of skillsets. Also adding that the club members and their missions change and revolve each year, we need to have a flexible group in the means of skills.

Therefore, do not think that we only act. If you want to be a member of the community, just contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your possible attendance to the club as a non-actor. We value every member of the club. If you do not want any of this, fear not! Being a member of our audience is also a very supportive option.