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Tevitol Drama is a place where writers, actors, musicians, technicians, painters, make-up artists and many more meet for a professional drama experience! Be a part of it, invite us for a play, or contact us for information!

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We are a drama community that has received various awards, recognitions and nominations. However, we pride ourselves with the fact that we are a tight-knit family of actors, script writers, stage technicians, prop designers, make-up artists, directors and many more. Everyone is welcomed in if they are ready to put the effort and be a part of this beautiful but demanding journey!

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Best Play Awards

Refined plays through hard work.

Best Actor Awards

With members that work day and night

Best Director Awards

With previous actors taking the role of a director

Acts Worth Praise

By never ignoring the side characters

Music and Costume

Musicians from music departments and a quest for finding costumes!

Prop Design

Becoming a carpenter due to the everlasting need!

Previous Works


Savaş Baba

The story of a mad king and his desire to conquer an island for love turns into a political mess when he faces with his past. Original: "Daddy War".

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A king that tries to reject the world-order creates his own end by the hands of his most loyal subjects. A philosophical play with lots of betrayals.

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V. Frank

Story of a deceitful family-business that revolves around a charlatan bank ending in a hopeless cycle of deceit and fraud when everyone loses trust in each other.

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Bahar Noktası

A fairy tale by Shakespeare, a fancy adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with an unexpected twist! Ready yourselves for a visual feast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i do join?

If you want to be a part of Tevitol Drama, all you have to do is attending the auditions when they are open. However, if you do not want to be in the acting part and want to help with IT, make-up, props or administration, you are advised to talk to the director of the club. You can find the required contact information in the contacts section.

How much time do the members dedicate?

Depending on the person, the acting and directing members spend quite a lot of time. To give some information about our study culture, starting with 4 hours a week rehearsal schedule, our rehearsal times rise up to 20 hours a week near the festivals and competitions. However, for other members that work on IT, make-up or props, it is very light except the competition periods.

What will I be doing if I join?

We mainly work around the annual plays and acting/directing parts. However, everyone will be working together for preparing props, brochures, writing the script, commenting on each others' performances and improving including the harsh rehearsals for the newcomers. The work never ends!

How can I invite you for a performance?

It takes quite a while to make preparations and even deciding to go on for an outside performance except for the competitions and festivals, however, if you are eager for a good play, you can contact the director for the arrangements through the information provided in the contacts section.



Should You Join?

A commonly seen question in the school community about Tevitol Drama is: "I cannot act! What am I going to do in Drama, then?". You see, theatre is not just about acting, you can always take advantage of this community as a stage technician, prop designer, make-up artist, or a sound engineer...

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The Creation Process

Our plays never resembles the original writing. Some may wonder, why and how? To put it briefly, styling or "remaking" a play to actually put it onto stage is not an easy process. One basically takes an approximately 60-80 pages long writing and just re-writes it for the crew's own good. It is fun though, for all the...

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Even though these old directors are now graduated, they still support us as our counselors, friends and fans. They even participate in our places to take awards if we are not able to go to the ceremonies due to our schoolwork! Other than those qualities, these legends...

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How to Manage an Army of Actors

You see, if you are an experienced drama-guy; you became a manager, a prop designer, a politician, a financer, an actor, and a teacher at the same time. But how do you decide who becomes the director of this huge community? Well, experience-based hierarchy solved many things until today. However, the thing is , one always needs to value others' ideas..

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May 1 - The Working Holiday

As most of the people in Turkey know, May 1 is the "Worker's Day" and it is a day-off in the whole country. However, as we, Drama Slaves -ehem, workers-, unwillingly boycotted this holiday by working for our background as the whole club. This work ethic is one of the many examples, and is a common source of fear in prospective members...
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New Website!

As a previous member of this society and a fellow enthusiast for web development projects, I though the website needed a makeover. You see, while pandemic pushes people to go digital, some traditional mediums like performance are revolutionizing themselves as well, and with that...

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