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As Tevitol Drama Club, we expand our club with the newcomers and freshmen each new year and prepare an annual play for the end of the year with them in addition to various small events such as poem nights or story nights. We also perform this annual play in various festivals, competitions and platforms.

To give some information about our study culture, starting with 4 hours a week rehearsal schedule, our rehearsal times rise up to 20 hours a week near the festivals and competitions. In these rehearsals, we study, design and rehearse the play that we usually edit and we, sometimes, play improvisations to keep our improv-acting skills up. At the beginning of the year, we study with the freshmen and the newcomers of the club to improve their acting skills. After the annual play is chosen, the rehearsal mainly revolve around the main play.

While being a strictly disciplined inside, Tevitol Drama Club takes the fruit of this strict tempo with over 60 awards that it has taken throughout its 20 years of history. If you want to gather more information about Tevitol Drama Club, you can always contact with